A perspective on ADHD from @Yashar

Yashar ADHDBrainRecently Yashar Ali (@yashar) shared a thread on Twitter about his experience living with ADHD as an adult.

He told us about why he needs so many towels and what it can look like to share your diagnosis at work.

He was open about his experience with medication and how it has transformed his life.

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Pain as a force for good

pexels photo 847484At Springboard, we have the honour of walking alongside our clients as they process their pain and heartbreak. We see how, by giving space and value to these emotions, individuals become more resilient, find answers to their deepest questions, and move forward with purpose.

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Check out this piece about Stigma in the Globe and Mail: Canadians, let’s do better

pexels photo 976863Recently the Globe and Mail published an article about how judgemental Canadians continue to be about mental health diagnoses. You can read the article here.

As mental health clinicians, it made us ask this question: “Exactly, why are mental health diagnoses so stigmatized? Do people think it is an act of weakness to go to therapy, or to seek help for mood issues?”

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