Introducing Springboard’s One Day ADHD Assessment and Executive Function Coaching. Appointments available for children, teens and adults.

Our Approach

The Springboard Approach

You can’t switch off ADHD. It’s part of who you are — but only one part. We’re interested in exploring the rest. Instead of focusing on what you’re not able to do, we help you discover your hidden strengths and steadily develop your untapped potential. It’s a unique approach we call Discover your SELF.

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Our Services

Our Personalized Services

Springboard’s various services are anchored by a core commitment: we’re here to help clients discover their hidden strengths and live more rewarding lives. We take a holistic approach, guiding ADHD assessments with medical diagnoses as needed, and complementing personal coaching with more in-depth therapy when we feel it will yield even better outcomes.

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Our Team & Culture

A skilled team and a welcoming culture

When we opened our doors in 2009, Springboard Clinic consisted of three women: Dr Ainslie Gray; her daughter and co-founder, Laura MacNiven; and a business manager. Today we’re a diverse, multitalented and growing team of coach-therapists, psychologists, physicians and administrators — and the vision and passion that shaped Springboard remain as strong as ever.

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Learning & Resources


Helping all ages with ADHD thrive

ADHD doesn’t define you. Your inner strengths do. We help you unlock their power and fulfill your hidden potential. And we support you every step of the way.

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Introducing the Springboard One Day ADHD Assessment

An interdisciplinary ADHD/mental health assessment for children, teens and adults evaluating attention and behavioural challenges impacting aspects of daily life with same day results and treatment plan. Available in person in Toronto and virtually in Ontario and Nova Scotia. 

In person services available in Toronto. Remote ADHD services tailored to you in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


ADHD & Psychoeducational Assessments

Springboard provides both ADHD/mental health and psychoeducational assessments for clients of all ages. Our licensed experts conduct in-depth consultations, then map out concrete steps to the best treatment options.

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Consultation & Professional Development

We share our expertise and experience through a range of services designed to help physicians, educators and other professionals support clients with ADHD.

Two things we know for sure

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This is your journey

At Our Toronto ADHD Clinic, our job is to listen, provide support and guidance, and help you overcome challenges as you pursue your goals.

The Springboard approach
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Heart matters

We know a lot about neuroscience and coaching techniques — but we also know they don’t mean much without empathy and passion.

Meet our team
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The Springboard Workbook for living and thriving with Adult ADHD
May We Have Your Attention Please?

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We’re looking for talented, experienced and caring people to be part of Springboard, our ADHD clinic in Toronto.

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