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The Springboard Approach

You can’t switch off ADHD. It’s part of who you are — but only one part. We’re interested in exploring the rest. Instead of focusing on what you’re not able to do, we help you discover your hidden strengths and steadily develop your untapped potential. It’s a unique approach we call Discover your SELF.

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Springboard’s various services are anchored by a core commitment: we’re here to help clients discover their hidden strengths and live more rewarding lives. We take a holistic approach, guiding ADHD assessments with medical diagnoses as needed, and complementing personal coaching with more in-depth therapy when we feel it will yield even better outcomes.

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A skilled team and a welcoming culture

When we opened our doors in 2009, Springboard Clinic consisted of three women: Dr Ainslie Gray; her daughter and co-founder, Laura MacNiven; and a business manager. Today we’re a diverse, multitalented and growing team of coach-therapists, psychologists, physicians and administrators — and the vision and passion that shaped Springboard remain as strong as ever.

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ADHD & YOU: 8 Ah-Ha Moments Unique To You

Springboard Clinic | ADHD & YOU: 8 Ah-Ha Moments Unique To You

How To Start Understanding Yourself And Your ADHD

If you have recently been diagnosed with ADHD, or you are learning about ADHD and thinking “wow, this is me”; you are likely experiencing some serious ups and downs. 

Learning about ADHD in the context of your life can be eye-opening, mind bending, affirming, overwhelming, daunting, fear inducing, beautiful, relieving, confounding, empowering (we’re not even scratching the surface here).

Especially if you have been undiagnosed until adulthood; you may have lived your life creating workarounds, masking, managing, steering around, and wondering how others seem to put their intentions into actions without a need for extra chaos, mental energy and/or scaffolding.  

And now as you learn about and come to understand your version of ADHD, you can start a process of questioning your life with a new lens and perspective. Powerful, right? And a lot to get your head around too. 

You can begin to re-write stories about who you are, what you want and where you’re going.  

You can shift the way you understand yourself, your actions and your ADHD. 

You can learn about how your brain works and discover what allows you to be more you, and less controlled by symptoms and their impact.  

“It is impossible for you to go on as you were before, so you must go on as you never have.” Cheryl Strayed 

Understanding Your ADHD Understanding Your ADHD Understanding Your ADHD

Questions To Ask Yourself To Better Understand How ADHD Affects You

If you’re starting a process of re-imagining your life, with newfound knowledge of ADHD, here is a “fill in the blanks” activity to help guide your ADHD self-discovery process. 

 Take a few moments, with a paper and pen, and see if any “ah-ha” moments come your way:  

  • I describe myself as
  • I am not
  • I care about
  • I want to spend more time in my life on
  • I have always thought I would
  • I feel more at peace when
  • I feel most frustrated when
  • I wish I had more
  • I feel most settled when

As you reflect on your answers, what do you imagine you want more or less of in your everyday life? What would it take to put one small step in place towards that intention?  

Understanding Your ADHD,Understanding Your ADHD, Understanding Your ADHD

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