ADHD Support Groups in Ontario

Are you an ADHD adult who is looking to meet like-minded individuals? If so, an ADHD support group might be for you.

These groups – which are popping up all over Ontario – are a great opportunity to discuss the challenges and benefits associated with ADHD, as well as to share some ideas and strategies...

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Standing up for yourself: Self-advocacy and ADHD

Sometimes it can feel like there is so much out of your control. You just can’t keep up with writing notes in class while at the same time paying attention to the lecture. Your partner is mad at you again for being late. Or you just don’t feel like you ever have time to get some exercise, let alone some time to yourself.

No matter how much you fight it, there will always be barriers getting in the way of your goals, and if you feel like you don’t have a grasp on them, the resulting feeling can be pretty demotivating. You may feel helpless, completely overwhelmed, or even just a general sense of dissatisfaction. No matter what though, it’s not enjoyable...

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Calgary Researcher Challenges Stereotypes in ADHD Children

 We recently came across a post on the CBC website about Emma Climie, a researcher at the University of Calgary who is studying ADHD children from a refreshing perspective.

In an attempt to move away from the current model of deficit-focused research, her aim is to focus on what ADHD children can do, instead of the difficulties associated with the diagnosis. Her aim is to raise a more comprehensive awareness of what ADHD actually is as way to better help support children in the classroom.

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ADHD and Marriage: Strengthening your Relationship

When it comes to ADHD and relationships, when one partner has an ADHD diagnosis and the other does not, there may be issues getting in the way of moving forward in a healthy way. For example, the non-ADHD partner may feel frustrated by the ADHD partner’s difficulties completing chores. They may resort to nagging or blaming in an attempt to push their partner into getting something done. The problem with this, though, is that it often causes defensiveness in the ADHD partner and resentment in the non-ADHD partner. Not a great situation...

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