Parenting and the Power of Self-Acceptance

Are you a parent of a child with ADHD? Do you sometimes feel like you're at the end of your rope? Are you trying to be consistent, trying to empathize with your child...but sometimes it feels like too much? How can a parent expect to be calm, cool, and collected all the time?

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ADHD and Self-Esteem: How to Boost your Child's Self-Esteem

self esteem and ADHDMany children with ADHD also struggle with low self-esteem. These are kids who might be having trouble in school. They might be disruptive in class, and getting negative reactions from their teachers. They might have trouble making and keeping friends. They might be a little bit different, and people don't always understand how unique and awesome they are. Because of this, these children might start identifying themselves in negative ways. They see themselves as "bad" or "stupid" or "lazy." Whatever the label, it doesn't feel good.

So how can you, as a parent, boost your child's self-esteem? Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

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7 tips for working from home with ADHD

Working from home with ADHDWorking from home is a great option for many people with ADHD. You can be more flexible with your time and there are fewer workplace distractions. But this can also open up a new set of challenges. With ADHD, self-directed work can be a struggle, so working from home isn't quite as easy as you'd think! Here are some common challenges when working from home with ADHD, and 7 tips to help manage these challenges:

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An ADHD-Friendly Tip for Meal Planning

meal planning ADHDCheck out this article called ADHD Tip: How to Meal Plan in Minutes. It walks you through a simplified version of menu planning: Menu rotation. Rather than making a new plan every week, the idea is to plan meals for a certain period of time, and repeat. In theory, that means you do the planning once and you're done.

We love this idea - it seems to obvious, but many of us get so caught up in over-complicating things. Maybe it sounds nice to plan a new many every week, but is that realistic? So, why not keep it simple by picking a few go-to recipes to rotate? You still get some variety, particularly if you have a 3-week rotation of meals, but you keep it simple!

ADHD Across the Lifespan

In our clinical work, we know that ADHD is on a continuum. With an ADHD diagnosis, the impact of symptoms might move along a spectrum, depending on what's going on in someone's life. We work with individuals of all ages with ADHD, and see every day that it's not black and white, or cut and dry. We all have difficulty focusing, but some are further along the spectrum than others. Across the lifespan, many factors might influence where someone falls on the spectrum...

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