Social Media

Why we are joining social media

We believe that it is part of our responsibility as a mental health care provider to share our understanding of what ADHD is and what it is not, in order to play an active role in reducing stigma and catalyzing positive change for all individuals who are suffering. We also want to offer a space for those who are thriving to share their experience, as a way to provide hope to others. We want to dispel the common myths around ADHD, as well as help build awareness in the public realm, using both our expertise and the newest research available to our community. We want to share tips and strategies that can make life easier and help motivate positive steps. We want to be a space where individuals who share a similar story can connect and find support through their own experiences.

How to become part of our community

Please follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and join our Facebook page. We encourage you to connect with each other, to share strategies, stories of hope, and help us build a safe space online for those who are impacted with ADHD. We hope that if we all work together to share our stories, we can build a community that is strong, supportive and loud about reducing stigma.

We respectfully ask that you share only comments of kindness and compassion as you communicate with others in these spaces.

The risks we will not take (Our rules of engagement)

As a clinic that provides mental health support, we do not take lightly our commitments to both our clients and patients, as well as our governing bodies. We have chosen to take the following steps to safely manage these communities and we are openly sharing them so that you can be part of this safe and caring space.

1. Our social media outlets do not represent medical or psychological advice:

It is important to differentiate that we will not be offering psychological or medical care through our social media outlets; they are designed for informational and educational purposes only.

2. We will not be active in the comment/dialogue section:

Our focus will be in publishing and sharing content that we think will be helpful and/or useful for our audience. We will be actively avoiding open dialogue on our public walls in order to ensure we do not take any risk with our utmost standard for maintaining confidentiality. Sorry, in advance, if we are not able to say thank you when you post a comment about us or share our information through your personal channels. We sincerely appreciate your interest and active discussion.

3. We are not a crisis care provider and will not be actively managing these channels outside of business hours. Please see this link to find a very comprehensive list of support lines:

4. As our pivotal goal of these forums is to promote positive and strengths-based views in order to reduce stigma, we will not accept comments that are slanderous or that constitute as harassment to clients or clinicians. Any comments that fit within this parameters will be deleted and taken off our open social outlets.

5. Although individuals may see themselves in some of the stories we share, we ensure that all our material is entirely fictional. All case studies and patient stories will always be based on themes our clients share with us, and never actual individuals.

6. Our clinicians will not be able to actively connect through personal channels due to privacy laws and guidelines. So, if your coach or doctor does not add you to their personal networks, they are doing so in order to protect your identity and to maintain the professional guidelines set out by their governing bodies.

Here are links to these guidelines:

College of Physicians

Psychological Association