A note from Laura and Anne

A note from Laura MacNiven and Dr. Anne Bailey


Dear Springboard Community,

We want to start by offering a heartfelt thank you for all your support as we have begun the process of sharing our workbook, May We have Your Attention Please?, with the world.

In particular, to all those who showed up in the rain on May 1st for our book launch evening: your willingness to be brave and talk about your mental health journeys in this space made the event truly meaningful.

Collectively, we are working together to reduce stigma about ADHD and help adults with ADHD feel more in control of their lives.

IMG 6477Our goal now is to get this book in the hands of all the people we wrote it for. We want people around the world to be empowered to take charge of their ADHD and find their best selves.

Many of you have asked us how we feel about the book launch process so far. You have asked us questions like:
Do you feel “over the moon” to have the book out?
Are you relieved now that it’s complete?

Firstly, yes to both. Floored by your support, we feel both “over the moon” and relieved. As we reflected on these questions, though, we realized these weren’t the only feelings we are experiencing. As we dug a little deeper, we realized that the part we are most excited about is yet to come.

We wrote this book to help people with ADHD, and we cannot wait to hear what our readers think of it. We want to know which characters or tips resonate, and to see if this workbook will touch lives in the meaningful way we intended.

That’s where you come in. Please help spread the word about May We Have Your Attention Please?.


Yours in gratitude,

Laura and Anne


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