Tools to help manage ADHD: Whiteboards

Tools to help manage ADHD don't have to be complicated. Sure, apps can be helpful. But, something as simple as a good old fashioned whiteboard can equally helpful (if not more)!

Why are whiteboards so great for an ADHD-style brain?

People with ADHD tend to have difficulty dealing with things in the 'not now.' The 'now' is easy to deal with - this is anything immediate and in-your-face. But, when things are less immediate and out of sight, they get shuffled into the 'not now' and can be forgotten. A whiteboard then, can force things into your 'now.' Whiteboards are visual and obvious, and hard to ignore!

whiteboards and ADHDHere are some ways you can use a whiteboard to your advantage:

  1. Write down your to-do list. A whiteboard can be a great reminder of what needs to get done. It's so hard to ignore that it also eliminates the extra steps of having to remember to check or update the list.

  2. Organize your thoughts and ideas. Whiteboards can be helpful for what we call 'mind dumps.' This means getting everything in your head out, without worrying about order or what makes sense. Then, once it's out, you can more easily see and organize your thoughts and next steps.

  3. Keep track of due dates. If you're prone to due dates sneaking up on you, write them down in nice, bold writing as a reminder for what's coming up. Some people even write down deadlines for getting started, or write in the next small step. Whatever helps you take things one step at a time!

  4. Write messages to yourself. They might be motivational, or things that you're likely to forget in the moment (like, "turn off your phone before studying"). A whiteboard can be your tool to shuffle things out of the 'not now' into the 'now.'

Whatever you decide to use a whiteboard for, remember to be strategic with where you put it. The point is to have it visual, easily accessible, and hard to ignore! So, think about how you want to use it, and where would make the most sense to have something forced into your 'now.'


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