Will I be on ADHD medication forever?

When starting ADHD medication, many people ask if they will be on the medication “forever.” The short answer: not necessarily.

ADHD symptoms do tend to stick around - they are a part of who you are and the way your brain works. But, the impact of these symptoms on your life can change over time.

Medication can often act as a catalyst in your life. It can help you focus as you are figuring out strategies and tools to manage ADHD symptoms. Once you figure out what works for you - strategies, a support system, an engaging job - medication might not be as necessary. Many people also take medication during difficult times, like school or a transition to a new career. Once they get through that hump, they find they don't need medication support as much anymore.

That being said, many people do take ADHD medication long-term - particularly those who are very impaired by ADHD symptoms. For some people, the consequences of NOT taking ADHD medication are high: increased emotionality, decreased work performance, or impacted relationships. So they choose to stay on ADHD medication longer term, and that's okay!

Staying on ADHD medication (or not) is a personal decision you can make with the support of your doctor.

If you have any questions about ADHD medication, or even if you think you might have ADHD, talk to your doctor!

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