Should I get an ADHD Assessment or a Psychoeducational Assessment?

Since going through either an ADHD assessment or a Psychoeducational assessment is a major commitment of both time and money, it’s important to be an informed consumer about your options.

Not too long ago, Springboard Clinic introduced some questions to ask before booking an ADHD assessment, but there’s more to it than that.

Psycho-educational assessments can only be done once every two years, so if you’re going that route make sure to think about timing. For example, when applying to a new school (such as college, university, or private schools), many require that assessments be done within the past 6-12 months.

Assuming you’ve already determined that some sort of assessment is necessary now – for example there is perceived underachievement/impairment at school or work – use the flowchart below to help you decide which type of assessment will optimize the relevance of the results and the recommendations you receive:


Not all psychologists or clinics will offer this two-step approach to assessment, but for individuals with severe attention difficulties it can make all the difference.

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