How to Work from Home and Stay Motivated

From Springboard’s Lynn Benrubi

Since many of us were quickly transitioned from working in an office environment to cramming family members into multiple makeshift work stations from home, you may find yourself thinking “how will this ever work?” It may be difficult to maintain motivation when your couch and sweatpants are so tempting too!

Working from home FbookHere are 7 strategies to keep you on track!

1. Get ready for your day. It may be tempting to work in your pyjamas all day; however, making sure to change in the morning (and shower!) will increase your overall mood and support a mindset of productivity.

2. Take energy breaks! Can you go for a short walk with the family? Do some jumping jacks to help fight that early afternoon dip? Or put on a short YouTube video to learn some new stretches? Find ways to keep those endorphins up!

3. Reach out to colleagues. Perhaps you can set up a virtual lunch date with a teammate or a group video chat as you close out the day. Stay connected with your co-workers and this will also help you be accountable to team goals.

4. Set up a designated work station that inspires you. To start, find a surface that works for you. For example, a desk, kitchen table, the top of a dresser can even work, especially if you’re in close quarters with multiple family members needing work spaces. Find items that will help you stay organized (e.g. a whiteboard, pens, sticky notes, etc.). Think of ways to personalize your workspace (e.g. plants, inspirational quotes, perhaps a diffuser with some essential oils) in a way that helps you stay on track.

5. Stick to a schedule. If possible, try to have consistent times where you start and end your work day. Routine is your friend when working to follow through on daily tasks, especially during this time of uncertainty.

6. Minimize distractions. Think noise cancelling headphones, having your desk facing a wall instead of a window, putting your phone in a different room, etc.

7. Protect your mental health. Think of who is part of your support network...Do you have friends and family members that you typically gravitate towards when times are tough? Perhaps you have one of our skilled coaches/therapists as a support online at this time. As stressful as things may be right now, with technology, it has never been easier to stay connected!

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