What is ADHD coaching?


We often refer to ADHD coaching on our blog, but we sometimes forget that not everybody knows what we’re talking about. So what is ADHD coaching, really?

ADHD coaching is a treatment intervention that focuses on helping you better understand the role that ADHD plays in your life. Using an ADHD lens, the idea is to help you learn about symptoms and impairments, and understand how they may be affecting you. From there, your ADHD coach provides the support, structure, and accountability to help you define goals and move forward.

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How do I talk to my child about ADHD Medication?

Talking about ADHD medication with a child is a common concern that we hear from parents. How should I approach the topic? How much information is too much? Not enough? Do I even tell them?

The short answer: The more your child knows about why they need ADHD medication and how it will help them, the better. This will help your child feel empowered and part of the process, which will help with co-operation, and will help them better articulate any potential side effects...

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Why ADHD coaching is a worthwhile investment

In an article posted on LinkedIn, John Donahoe, a CEO at eBay, writes a persuasive argument about the benefits of both time off and regularly reflecting on how you spend your time. In this article, he argues that the key to enhancing performance involves the process of learning: stepping back, considering what you have learned in the recent past,...

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