Alternative treatment for ADHD: The role of exercise

image Can exercise play a role as an alternative treatment for ADHD?

At this point, a growing number of studies are showing preliminary support for the benefit of exercise on behavioral and cognitive functioning with individuals with ADHD, particularly children. However, because the research right now continues to be somewhat limited, we’re not...

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ADHD Coaching for Teens


ADHD coaching for teens – parents know it can be helpful, but how hard is it to get your teen’s buy-in?

Surprisingly, not as hard as it may seem. Motivation and buy-in will obviously vary depending on the person, but we’ve often found that teens crave the type of support that ADHD coaching provides.

First of all, ADHD coaching offers teens their own space, where they can focus on their own priorities independent from their parents...

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Alternative Treatment for ADHD: Should I change my diet?

imageWhen considering alternative treatment for ADHD, many people ask whether or not dietary changes make a difference. Are there certain foods that should be avoided? Should you be taking certain supplements?

The short answer to this: there’s not enough evidence to support a “special diet” for ADHD; for most individuals, treatment by dietary methods alone will not significantly impact signs and symptoms of ADHD.

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Support for Parents of ADHD Children

image Support for parents of ADHD children is often overlooked and hard to come by.

When a child has an ADHD diagnosis, the focus tends to be on the child. This is perfectly understandable and appropriate. That being said, we can’t ignore the fact that parents are huge supporting players in managing the impact of their child’s signs and symptoms...

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ADHD Coaching: How to get the most out of treatment

Does ADHD coaching really work? This is a question that we often hear, and the short answer is yes.

Based on anecdotal evidence, Springboard Clinic has had the privilege of witnessing the benefits of ADHD coaching with a huge variety of clients over the years. Based on more concrete evidence, we’ve also showed you why the coaching model works.

But, as with anything in life, there’s more to it than that...

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