My Brain Needs Glasses

It was at one of the many conferences that Dr. Gray has attended over the years that she heard Dr. Annick Vincent, a psychiatrist from Quebec, use an innovative but simple analogy for taking daily stimulant medication. An ADHD specialist and leader, Dr. Vincent has written books and used this description to help share how stimulants work for individuals of all ages. She is an important voice in dispelling fears about ADHD medication.

Watch the video below to hear Springboard’s Dr. Gray give her own “spin” on this concept. She presents taking stimulant medication as a way to sharpen your focus to the way an optometrist would give you a prescription for blurry vision. Having prescribed ADHD medication for over 20 years, she has a way of being able to help you understand how medication can be supportive as you work towards finding your best self. Easy to understand, empowering and helpful, this take is a must-see for anyone considering exploring medication options for ADHD.

Let’s all work together to reduce stigma. We don’t judge people for needing to wear glasses, and we shouldn’t judge those that need medication for their focus.

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