The ADHD Project- An uplifting, heartfelt and authentic story

This month, a few of our team members had the opportunity to go see the “ADHD Project” as part of Toronto’s Fringe Theatre Festival. They were not disappointed. 

ADHD storyCarlyn Rhamey’s piece is uplifting, heartfelt, funny and maybe most importantly, genuine.

At Springboard, we are lucky to witness our clients do incredible things on a daily basis. It is truly our passion to work in the area of ADHD! So, this piece resonated with us and we highly recommend following Carlyn in the journey of bringing her story to the world. 

She shares her version of an ADHD life, bringing to light her strengths and also her struggles. Punctuating her story with slides, pictures and props, you will walk out with a better understanding of attention issues, and a feeling of hope.

The human journey is about finding your path to thriving, and she does just that. Thank you for doing this work, Carlyn. 

Keep an eye out as she continues to share this amazing piece! 


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