In case you missed it: Our guide to student life and ADHD

If you’re a student in college or university, or are thinking about going away for school, you may be interested in checking out Springboard Clinic’s Guide to Student Life and ADHD. This is an online publication that we put together for you, the student, and so far it has been getting rave reviews from the masses (read: our other team members LOVE it).

Not a student? No problem – a lot of the information in our guide can be useful to anyone with ADHD. Still not interested? Pass it on to the students in your life who may need a good read!

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Career Advice from ADHD Executives


Is an ADHD diagnosis getting you down? Are you feeling like you’re never going to get anywhere in your career with all the limitations that seem to be piling up? Yes, ADHD can be frustrating. It can be discouraging. It can be a downright pain in the you-know-what. Yes, ADHD may feel limiting at times, but it doesn’t have to actually be limiting...

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Stability Balls in the Classroom

We here at Springboard often talk up the use of stability balls as a way to help engage attention and improve productivity while sitting at a desk or in a classroom. What you might not know is that this is a strategy we didn’t pull out of thin air – there has been quite promising research published in recent years demonstrating the benefits of movement and using stability balls to help with focus...

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4 Tips for Managing ADHD Traps in the Workplace

ADHD traps are those aspects of the workplace that just don’t play to an ADHD individual’s strengths. These ‘traps’ may be busy cubicles, long meetings, long-term projects, or dull, tedious tasks, and they often lead to boredom, procrastination, and distractibility at work.

Although you may never be able to fully avoid these ADHD traps, there are ways to cope with them and make them work for you. So, if you ever find yourself getting bored or distracted at work, keep the strategies below in mind to help keep you focused and engaged:

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Should you disclose your ADHD diagnosis at work?

When you have an ADHD diagnosis, many of the challenges that come up in the workplace can be managed with appropriate coping skills. Sometimes though, it might be necessary to take an extra step and request accommodations from your employer. Potential accommodations might include audio recorders for meetings, whiteboards for checklists, pre-deadlines with your supervisor, or moving to a low traffic cubicle...

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