5 Criteria for ADHD Students when Choosing a College/University

image As a student, choosing a college/university is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As an ADHD student, however, it becomes all the more important to carefully consider what schools may or may not be the right fit for you.

By now, most students looking to start school in September will have received a response from the schools they applied to. The next step is to decide once and for all: What school do you choose?

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6 Tips for Dealing with Interruptions at Work

Dealing with interruptions at work is a common source of worry for ADHD adults. Individuals with ADHD tend to not only have difficulty staying on task, but often have a tough time getting back on track after having been interrupted.

The reality is, the workplace today is filled with potential interruptions – the sound of emails arriving, co-workers stopping by for a chat, the boss who needs the document “NOW”…as you can imagine, it can be hard to get anything done...

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6 Tips to Help ADHD Students with their Readings

If you’re like many other ADHD students in college or university, you might be having difficulty keeping up with your readings right now.

You might be struggling to sit down and get started, or you might be spending what feels like hours reading the same page over and over, and not getting anywhere. Either way, they can be hard.

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ADHD Students: Tips for Staying Focused in Lectures


Staying focused in lectures can be particularly difficult as an ADHD student. On top of that, there are so many complicating factors that could impact your focus (or lack thereof) in class: distractions, your professor’s teaching style, your note-taking style, how much sleep you got last night, and so much more…

In order to stay focused in lectures, it’s important to plan ahead – it’s not just about showing up and hoping for the best...

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Common Academic Accommodations for ADHD Students

When a student is given an ADHD diagnosis, a typical next step is to look at academic accommodations.

As a student, the idea of accommodations is to help you level the playing field – it’s about setting up support to help manage areas of difficulty, so you can actually show what you know! In other words, accommodations are designed to help you better achieve your academic potential...

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How to stay focused during meetings: Take a walk!

If you tend to have difficulty staying focused during meetings – as is common when ADHD is in the picture – Nilofer Merchant has an idea for you. In a short and sweet TED Talk, the author, corporate director, and speaker, discusses the merits of turning one-on-one meetings into “walking meetings.”

Walking not only helps stimulate your focus, but has the dual benefit of improving your health, as well as generating new ideas and perspectives...

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