Do accommodations give ADHD students an unfair advantage?

ADHD student supportThe short answer to the question "do accommodations give ADHD students an unfair advantage" is: no. The longer answer is one we thought worth addressing. Because many people continue to believe that accommodations are "unfair," this often translates to a false belief that their teachers will be resistant to offering appropriate support, or students being hesitant to seek support they may truly benefit from because they don't want to get a "handout" from others.

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Workplace accommodations for adults with ADHD

Work accommodations for ADHDIf you're an adult with ADHD and you're out in the workforce, there's a chance you might be experiencing challenges related to some of your ADHD symptoms.

No, having an ADHD diagnosis doesn't automatically equate to difficulties at work - many adults with ADHD thrive at their job. But, if you're struggling, just know that this is a reality for many of us out there.

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ADHD Students: Tips for Creating your Schedule

creating a schedule for adhd studentsIf you're in college or university, you likely have at least some flexibility in choosing what classes you take and when. Yes, there are some required courses, and yes, some programs do the choosing for you. But, if you have some say in your schedule, you may want to keep reading.

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ADHD students: Prepping for the shift from high school to college

It might seem like an obvious statement, but high school is very different from college and university. Obvious yes, but have you really thought it through?

As an ADHD student, the structure and support that you get in high school, like having a teacher track you down when you forget to hand in an assignment, doesn't follow you. You're kind of on your own, and sometimes if you don't anticipate these big changes it can feel like the rug is being pulled out from under you.

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