ADHD is my superpower

ADHD is my superpowerIf you have ADHD and don't feel great about it, the article 'ADHD isn't my disorder, it's more like my superpower' is a great read.

It tells the story of Loyle Carner, a professional artist/performer from the UK. Diagnosed with ADHD as a child, Loyle saw this as a completely negative thing at first. He didn't understand what ADHD was or what a diagnosis meant for him. He also didn't know any adults who had ADHD and had no idea what having ADHD meant for his future.

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ADHD Across the Lifespan

In our clinical work, we know that ADHD is on a continuum. With an ADHD diagnosis, the impact of symptoms might move along a spectrum, depending on what's going on in someone's life. We work with individuals of all ages with ADHD, and see every day that it's not black and white, or cut and dry. We all have difficulty focusing, but some are further along the spectrum than others. Across the lifespan, many factors might influence where someone falls on the spectrum...

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ADHD and Women: Why they get missed

ADHD and womenOften, women and girls with ADHD tend to get missed. They are under-diagnosed, often misdiagnosed, and generally overlooked. At our clinic, we often see adult women who have been anxious or depressed for years. Then, in the end, we find out that ADHD was actually the root of their issues all along.

So why does this happen? Why have there been so many undiagnosed women with ADHD?

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