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You can’t switch off ADHD. It’s part of who you are — but only one part. We’re interested in exploring the rest. Instead of focusing on what you’re not able to do, we help you discover your hidden strengths and steadily develop your untapped potential. It’s a unique approach we call Discover your SELF.

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Springboard’s various services are anchored by a core commitment: we’re here to help clients discover their hidden strengths and live more rewarding lives. We take a holistic approach, guiding ADHD assessments with medical diagnoses as needed, and complementing personal coaching with more in-depth therapy when we feel it will yield even better outcomes.

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When we opened our doors in 2009, Springboard Clinic consisted of three women: Dr Ainslie Gray; her daughter and co-founder, Laura MacNiven; and a business manager. Today we’re a diverse, multitalented and growing team of coach-therapists, psychologists, physicians and administrators — and the vision and passion that shaped Springboard remain as strong as ever.

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In-Person Psycho-Educational Assessments: 5 Advantages to getting it done during the Summer  

Springboard Clinic | In-Person Psycho-Educational Assessments: 5 Advantages to getting it done during the Summer  

Summer break is the perfect time to consider important educational tasks that can help ensure a successful school year ahead. One of the most beneficial steps you can take is scheduling an in-person psycho-educational assessment. While it might be tempting to put off these appointments, doing them in-person early in the summer offers some significant advantages, including helping you and the student in your life prepare for a successful school year ahead. 

So before heading out on summer adventures, consider these 5 reasons to choose summertime for your (re)assessment.  

5 Key Advantages of a Summertime (Re)Assessment:

1. Stress & anxiety can impact your psycho-educational assessment 

    How you show up for psycho-educational testing can significantly impact your results. For example, we know that stress or lack of sleep can be key factors in how you focus and engage with cognitive tasks. By committing to an assessment in the summer, you can give your mind and body some space to prepare.  There’s usually more downtime for students in the summer, so use the extra time to plan energy breaks before and take time to do self-care pre- or post-testing sessions. This can positively impact your overall performance.  

    2. Most schools require in-person assessments for accommodation consideration

      Psycho-educational assessments are designed to be in-person.  While online psycho-educational assessments were accepted during the pandemic, they are no longer being recognized as valid by many post-secondary institutions. For more specific information, you can read these statements from U of T and CADDAC about applying for accommodation. 

      Aside from being a requirement for most schools, an in-person assessment also allows you to start building a relationship with a care team that can be there to support you throughout the academic year. Our offices are often less busy in July and early August, which means clinicians will have more flexibility to meet with you and help you build a plan for a successful academic year. 

      3. Give yourself time to process and reflect on the psycho-educational assessment experience.  

        Participating in a thorough assessment can be a lot to take on emotionally, mentally and psychologically. From sharing your feelings, to working through tricky (although sometimes fun) challenges, to asking questions about yourself, it can be helpful to have space to reflect on the data and take time to consider what feels right for you in moving forward. Booking testing appointments in the summer gives you the opportunity to have sufficient time and space to process learnings. This time can also enable you to mindfully (re)align with your values, longings and aspirations before diving back into academic responsibilities. Coaching can support you in this process. 

        4. Get your psycho-educational assessment documents in on-time. 

          Committing to scheduling your assessment early in the summer not only ensures a smoother transition but also helps you meet the documentation submission deadlines outlined by your school. By organizing your accommodation requests with our support team sooner rather than later, you pave the way for a more seamless transition into the new school year. School staff greatly appreciate receiving these requests ahead of September, so they can manage internal requests and set up programming for your benefit. 

          5. Optimize your private insurance coverage

            We’re already half-way through the year. If you haven’t used up your private insurance coverage for assessment services and other psychological services or mental health supports, what are you waiting for? Summer is a great time to work on yourself and start planning your goals for the new school year. At Springboard, we’re here to help you unleash your potential and kickstart a new year.  

            And the most important reason to book your psycho-educational (re)assessment early in the summer means one less concern to weigh on your mind as the school year approaches – leaving you with the rest of the summer to enjoy with one less logistical task on your plate. 

            Interested in learning more about Springboard’s in-person psycho-educational assessments or want to book your assessment with us? Book a call to connect with our intake team today.


            About Laura MacNiven

            Laura MacNiven, MEd, is an ADHD Coach with over 15 years’ experience providing support to neurodiverse children, teens and adults. She is a Co-Founder of Springboard Clinic, an Ontario-based ADHD clinic providing assessment, treatment and coaching/therapy services in person and virtually. She has also co-authored Springboard’s Workbook for Adults with ADHD “May We Have Your Attention Please?” and facilitates online group courses for adults and parents in the fall.  

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