Physician Referrals

Our medical team consists of specialists in ADHD, so in order to access our medical services all patients must be referred by their family physician/primary care provider. This includes all patients who are interested in Springboard's assessment services (ADHD/Mental Health and Psychoeducational Assessments), in addition to medical consultations or follow up care.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept referrals from walk-in clinics. We feel the comprehensive scope of practice of family physicians, coupled with the deep, long-term relationships they build with patients and their families, make them ideal to follow our patients' long-term medical needs. We are committed to building ongoing relationships with community physicians to ensure continuity of care for patients and their families.

Of note, our medical team is open to connecting with patients’ primary physician directly should questions or concerns arise. Please refer to our Physician Support Services page to learn more.

Referral Forms 

Our specialist physicians work with patients to provide medical review and pharmacological support for ADHD-specific concerns on a short-term basis. Once a patient's medication has been optimized, the patient is discharged to the care of their primary health care provider. At that time, the patient’s primary care provider will be responsible for taking over the patient’s care and ongoing medication needs.

Should questions or concerns arise that cannot be addressed by their primary health care provider, discharged clients may be re-referred for reassessment of their ADHD treatment plan by one of Springboard's specialist physicians. Updated recommendations and detailed instructions will then be sent to the referring physician in order to support the continued management of their patient’s medication needs.

Adult Referral Form (ages 18+): Please select this referral form if you are referring an adult patient for an initial consultation/assessment.

Child and Adolescent Referral Form (ages 6-17): Please select this referral form if you are referring a child or adolescent patient for an initial consultation/assessment.

Re-Referral Form: This form is exclusively for the use of primary health care practitioners seeking to refer patients who have previously met with a Springboard physician, and have since been discharged or were last seen over a year ago. If you are referring a patient for assessment, please use the appropriate referral form.