I have been searching for a self guided workbook for ADHD since I realized I had it about a year and a half ago (I'm 42). I've read the better part of 8-10 books on adult ADHD and have become an expert on the subject. While those books gave me a great understanding of my condition and all it's intricacies, they did little to help me make the necessary changes to overcome my challenges and greatly improve the quality of my life. I heard Laura speak on a podcast a couple months ago and introduce her book. I immediately ordered it. My experience taught me to be sceptical about how much I'd really get out of another book about ADHD. THIS ONE IS A GAME CHANGER!!!!❤️ I'll admit I'm only on chapter 3.. I'm taking my time so I can reflect and absorb as I move through the exercises. Already though my mindset about this " thing" that has been derailing me my whole life is changing. And I'm realizing how much that old negative mindset has affected my ability to move forward. I've always felt stuck, even more so since I realized why I've always been stuck. For the first time in.. Ever.. The fog between where I am and where I want to be is starting to clear and I'm actually starting to believe I am capable of overcoming the challenges I've been dealt with my gift of ADHD. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO ANYONE STRUGGLING TO NAVIGATE THIS LIFE WITH A BRAIN THAT'S WIRED A LITTLE DIFFERENT. I'll update this review once I get through the whole book but I couldn't wait to share the hope and light it has brought into my life. Thank you to Laura and Dr Bailey for writing this book.. For caring enough to do the work it took to provide a road map for those of us that have been lost in this. Thank you thank you thank you

--Five-star Amazon review by Renee Robles