Get This Book!

This book is amazing! I bought 2 and am going through it with my 17 (ADHD Inattentive/Dyscalculia) and 13 (ADHD Inattentive/Anxiety) year old daughters. They were both diagnosed over the past year. This book is a game changer. They are homeschooled and I was looking for something that we could do together to get a more accurate picture of their ADHD and how it affects their lives. The book introduces you to four fictional characters, which are an amalgamation of several types of people they (the authors) have come across over the years in their practice. My daughters immediately identified themselves in bits and pieces of the characters. Just these characters and their backstory has opened up a very productive dialogue. They will say, "I do that", or "I feel that way", or "I thought that was just me". We've had very lively and emotional discussions and they are able to hear each other's struggles and offer help to one another or listen to my suggestions on how I can help them. Today was the second day of writing and it was about writing a letter to their past self as encouragement. They both looked at me and said, "You won't like it." But I told them to write what they truly felt. They needed extra paper. They were right, I didn't like it because it was heartbreaking. They had so much bottled up and had felt so "worthless" and "dumb" for so long because they didn't know what was wrong with them. But they were truthful and let it all out. The last question on the next page was - Are you ready to move on? They both said "yes". It was a very emotional day. They both told me how much they liked this book because it is addressing how they feel/felt and is now moving forward with a plan of action. This book is about figuring out who you are with your ADHD. It is part of you and it does effect things but it doesn't have to define you or hold you back. You can accept it and work with it. My oldest is a gifted art student and she loves the speed at which her brain works because it aids her creative process. She wouldn't trade that for anything. This is a book for adults so do not buy it and hand it to your teen. There is a chapter about how ADHD can impact your marriage, both emotionally and intimately, which my kids obviously don't need at this moment, but would be helpful in the future. I think this would be extremely helpful for an adult with ADHD and even a teenager if you do it with them. I would encourage whoever is doing the book to do it with someone who is close to you, like a parent or significant other, because they need to know what you are going through so they can better understand and support you. One of my daughters has a real problem with starting things, she feels overwhelmed, so we talked about me helping her to start things (like cleaning her room, schoolwork, etc.). My other daughter struggles to make decisions so I'm working with her to narrow down choices to 2 or 3 then making the decision from there. All of this hasn't been covered in the book yet, but it has come from the conversations that we are having because of the book. Thank you for this wonderful book, it was exactly what I was looking for.

--Five-star Amazon review by Habb