Preparing For Your Appointment

We want to ensure your appointment with Springboard Clinic is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Here are some helpful documents that will help you prepare for your appointment.

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Helpful Tools and Articles

These documents are designed as tools to help patients and their teams – parents, family members, friends, physicians, teachers – find support in their journey with ADHD.

Recommended Viewing


This must-see CBC documentary follows the story of three adults who only learned of their ADHD in adulthood. We hear similar stories from our clients every day and are so grateful to this team for getting such an important message out.

Watch Video


Check out to find helpful, transformative and often hilarious videos. You will laugh, find awesome tips, quizzes, and get to connect with others who are figuring out their next steps with ADHD.

Recommended Reading

Here are some of our favourite books about attention issues, brain development and mental health. Many of these books are available for purchase at Springboard Clinic.

ADHD Effect on Marriage

This book was awarded "Best Psychology Book of 2010" by ForeWord Reviews and we recommend it for anyone in a relationship in which one or both partners has ADHD. Melissa Orlov uses her personal experiences as well as her years of research to identify patterns of behaviour that can hurt relationships and to offer practical strategies to change these behaviours. The tone of this book is both positive and realistic, addressing the unique challenges faced in an ADHD relationship but also highlighting the positive contributions each partner can make when ADHD is acknowledged, treated, understood, and accepted.

All Dogs have ADHD

All Dogs Have ADHD takes an inspiring and affectionate look at ADHD, using images and ideas from the canine world to explore a variety of ADHD traits that will be instantly recognisable to patients of Springboard! We think this book is a great way for children to identify with the characteristics of ADHD such as being restless and excitable, getting easily distracted, and acting on impulse, and to see that these traits can be positive and should be celebrated. This would make a great gift for a young person or for anyone young at heart!

The Whole Brain Child

The Whole-Brain Child is an insightful and informative book written for parents of young children (toddlers to 12 year olds). This book is about thriving as a family, not just surviving! The authors use the latest discoveries in neuroscience to explain how the growing brain affects behaviour in children. It helps parents understand challenging behaviours and offers step-by-step approaches to overcoming these every-day parenting struggles. This book's age-appropriate strategies and illustrations are incredibly helpful in explaining the concepts to children. While not specific to ADHD, it is a very useful book and is highly recommended by Springboard.

Connected Parenting

Connected Parenting is an empowering book for parents of young children (toddlers to 11 year olds). Jennifer Kolari, child and family therapist, has taken a therapeutic technique called mirroring and transformed it into a highly effective parenting strategy. Full of wonderful examples and easy to read, this book can help you gain the tools you need to reduce anxiety, deal with melt-downs and increase your child`s resilience and overall self-esteem.

Teens Gone Wired

Research has shown that individuals with ADHD are particularly well-suited to high-speed technology, given their propensity for stimulation. We think this will be an advantage as the world becomes more and more reliant on technology! However, there are dangers associated with the virtual worlds that teens inhabit which cause parents concern. This book helps parents understand digital media and identifies worrisome behaviours in their teens. Parents will feel more confident to guide their children in the use of technology and to connect with them through doing so.

Delivered from Distraction

This is the most recent book by Hallowell and Ratey, the duo that wrote Driven to Distraction, a classic book in the field of ADHD. Delivered from Distraction is an updated look at ADHD that discusses the modern understanding of ADHD, new drug and behaviour therapies, and the impacts of lifestyle choices. Written by two doctors who have ADHD themselves, this book is full of humour and focuses on providing people with strategies to harness their unique talents and strengths. We recommend it for anyone whose life is impacted by ADHD, at any age.

You're Ruining my Life!

You’re Ruining My Life! is a fantastic book for parents of teenagers who want guidance on how to improve their relationship/connection with their child. While the book delves into the science behind the changes in the adolescent brain, most importantly it provides clear strategies on how to deal with confrontations, build emotional independence, and strengthen the bond.

Nonviolent Communication

In this internationally acclaimed text, Marshall Rosenberg offers insightful stories, anecdotes, practical exercises and role-plays that will dramatically change your approach to communication for the better. Discover how the language you use can strengthen your relationships, build trust, prevent conflicts and heal pain. Revolutionary, yet simple, NVC offers you the most effective tools to reduce conflict and create peace in your life, one interaction at a time.