Junior Psychometrist, PT

Job Type: Part-time (20-24 hours per week)
Location: 1055 Yonge Street, Suite 306, Toronto ON and remote from home

Springboard Clinic is a compassionate and caring mental health clinic in downtown Toronto that provides medical, psychological, and educational support to individuals with learning and attention issues.

We are looking for a part-time junior psychometrist to join our multidisciplinary team. We are a close-knit group of clinicians that share a strengths-based philosophy of care, and work together to empower our clients of all ages. The junior psychometrist will support psychometrists, psychologists, and psychological associates with template setup, report and letter writing, and scoring.

Duties & Responsibilities:
➔ Complete initial administrative set up of questionnaires and standardized measures for mental health and psychoeducational assessments. This includes setting up various templates.
➔ Follow up with clients to remind them of the date and time of their assessment, to complete questionnaires, and send in report cards or other relevant files. Coordinate with the administrative team if needed to ensure all questionnaires are complete.
➔ Ensure physician referrals are completed prior to the first assessment appointment.
➔ Maintain open communication with the administrative and clinical team and continuously follow up until all documents and questionnaires have been received.
➔ Score and input questionnaires and standardized measures into report templates. Save electronic copies of questionnaires to the internal server.
➔ Support psychometrists with file reviews. Specifically, input report cards, referrals, and any other relevant academic documentation.
➔ Support psychometrists in reviewing scores for psychoeducational assessments to ensure accuracy.
➔ Draft school letters for the psychologists/psychological associates.
➔ Manage high volume of reports, follow up with team and clients, and adhere to deadlines in a timely manner.
➔ Work under the supervision of a psychologist, collaborate with a multidisciplinary team and community agencies/professionals.
➔ Adhere to PHIPA guidelines and maintain client confidentiality.

Note: Due to the nature of the assessments and data collection the junior psychometrist will be required to be in the clinic for at least part of the time.

Required Education, Skills and Qualifications:
➔ Minimum of an undergraduate degree in psychology.
➔ Experience conducting psychological and psychoeducational assessments is an asset.
➔ Strong interpersonal and writing skills.
➔ Conscientious and detail-oriented.
➔ Proficient in MS Office.
➔ Knowledge of Telus PS Suite EMR an asset.
➔ Excellent organization and time management skills.
➔ Ability to work both independently and collaboratively.

Note: An ideal candidate for this role is interested in gaining more experience with psychological testing and assessment services in a clinical setting, has flexibility in terms of hours/availability and strong attention to detail.

As an organization, Springboard Clinic is committed to creating an inclusive workplace that reflects the community we serve. It is our belief that a diverse workplace benefits both employees and patients. We all have different lived experiences; however, we share the same goal of providing and receiving high quality patient care. Please apply – you are welcome here.

How to Apply:
Please email your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line: Junior Psychometrist.