Treatment Intake Process

Given the high demand for coaching/therapy services at Springboard Clinic we are currently unable to accept new straight-to-treatment clients.

Although it continues to be our priority to help as many people as possible, the effects of COVID-19 at Springboard Clinic have led to a significant delay in building our internal capacity to manage the needs of new inquiries. We are, however, continuing to think innovatively and are working to help as many current clients online as we can during these difficult times.

We know it is hard to wait for mental health support and hope we can open our doors for this type of care again in the future. In the meantime, we encourage you to seek alternative support if you haven't already. If you're not sure where to start, exploring the Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada (CADDAC) website can often be quite helpful; we encourage you to visit their site and then go to 'Resources' followed by 'Find Resources Near You,' where you can explore a list of ADHD service providers in Toronto, the GTA, Ontario, and around the country. 

For any adults who might be interested, we will be offering a third cohort of our online course starting in April 2021. It is open to anyone, anywhere! We would love to have you join this vibe of hope and positivity.

For any parents who might be interested, Springboard Clinic also offers an online parent course starting in April 2021. This 10 week online course, facilitated by Laura MacNiven, offers a guided process inviting you to step away from past behaviour patterns, in order to lean into a more conscious mindset as you approach daily parenting highs and lows. This course includes weekly webinars, personalized activities and self-serve video content. 

Thank you for your interest, patience and understanding.

If you have recently participated in a comprehensive mental health assessment elsewhere and wish to work with Springboard for your treatment, you may qualify to proceed with a Treatment Intake (instead of requiring re-assessment). Click here to learn what constitutes a comprehensive assessment.

After sending your assessment to us, our psychologist will review your previous documentation in order to prepare our team for the treatment intake meeting. They will also ensure it is comprehensive, recent and outlines a profile that fits within our clinic's expertise.

Note: Clients who are assessed at Springboard Clinic do not need to undergo a Treatment Intake to access treatment services.

If your assessment fits our criteria

Next we will book a 2-hour treatment intake session to outline your strengths/challenges and explore your goals for treatment. At this time, we will help tailor a treatment program for you, including recommending a team of clinicians to work with you (and your family), as well as integrating any other resources/services.

For those interested in working with one of our specialist physicians, we will then book a consult appointment in order to review medical history, explore past treatment, and consider the role of a medical intervention. Medical intervention requires a referral. Of note, all treatment patients must participate in multi-disciplinary services. We do not offer medication-only treatment. 

If your assessment does not fit our criteria

If we determine your assessment report does not contain sufficient information for us to proceed with the Treatment Intake process (and treatment), we will likely recommend an ADHD/mental health assessment.


All ages: $627