Medical Intervention

Our medical doctors are experts in mental health diagnoses, pharmaceutical options for ADHD and the related comorbidities. Read more about the Springboard approach to medication.

Our physician team consists of specialists in ADHD so we require a referral from your family physician for you to access our medical services. We work to assess and optimize treatment plans for our patients and then we collaborate with your family doctor so they can take over ongoing pharmaceutical treatment. Most of our clients will access our medical care for 3-5 appointments before returning to their community physician. We remain a resource for you and for your doctor and have an "open door" policy should your treatment plan require further specialization.

Pharmaceutical intervention is always a voluntary part of your treatment program. Springboard physicians do not see, or seek, medication-only patients.

Medical Consulting for Under-18 Clients

Springboard Clinic offers consulting medical services for clients under the age of 18.

We provide comprehensive assessment services, including medication recommendations, to enable community physicians to prescribe and care for their patients from a medication treatment standpoint. We do not offer prescriptions or ongoing medical care post-consultation for clients under the age of 18. We do however, accept re-referrals from physicians on as-needed basis. We also offer support and direction in managing ADHD medication over the phone to community physicians through our Physician Support Services.

What does this mean?

Through our comprehensive and collaborative assessment, we provide detailed diagnostic information and individualised treatment recommendations in a detailed assessment report. This report is then shared with your child’s community physician (with your consent), so they can be empowered to take charge of your child’s long-term medical needs including pharmaceutical management.

Following an ADHD/Mental Health or Psychoeducational Assessment, you and/or your child will meet with a registered psychologist or psychological associate to discuss the results of your child’s assessment during a comprehensive Psychological Feedback appointment. If, following this meeting, you are interested in learning more about medical recommendations, you would have the option of scheduling a Medical Feedback appointment. Of note, there are no further fees for a Medical Feedback, which is covered by OHIP.

What happens during a Medical Feedback appointment?

Our doctors are experts in ADHD and are equipped to explain what an ADHD diagnosis might mean for your child and your family. They can also review why (or why not) medication is recommended as part of your child's treatment plan, explain how stimulant medications work in general, and go over what specific medications may be recommended for your child (if any). We will also walk you through possible medication side-effects, tricks to minimize any negative impacts, what to watch for, and strategies for evaluating the impact of medication treatment.

We are happy to answer all of your questions. At Springboard Clinic, we take the time to make sure you understand the assessment results and feel empowered about the next steps in your child's treatment plan.

What happens next?

Following the Medical Feedback appointment, medication and treatment recommendations will be sent to the referring physician. This information, accompanied by the complete assessment report, will provide your child’s physician with the knowledge they require to prescribe and monitor the suggested medications.

We feel the comprehensive scope of practice of family physicians, coupled with the deep, long-term relationships they build with patients and their families, make them ideal to follow your child’s long-term medical needs. We are committed to building ongoing relationships with community physicians to ensure continuity of care for patients and their families.

What if I’m unsure about medication being right for my child?

You may want to start working with a coach/therapist or explore other treatment interventions prior to discussing medication as part of your child’s treatment plan. In fact, this is a very common practise among our patients under the age of 18!

You may wish to schedule a Medical Feedback appointment to learn about available options, but delay moving forward with a medication trial with your community physician. Alternatively, you can delay the Medical Feedback altogether while you work out your next steps as a family.

We encourage our clients to gather information to feel empowered about their choices, but there is no obligation to pursue medication if you are uncertain about it being the right choice for your child and/or your family!

How long do I have to book a Medical Feedback appointment?

In terms of timing, we offer a Medical Feedback appointment up to one year following your child’s Psychological Feedback appointment. This is assuming your child’s health has remained stable in the interim period; should their situation have become more complicated, or if it has been over a year since the Psychological Feedback appointment took place, we would need to ask your doctor to re-refer for a consult and provide us with any relevant documentation.

What if my doctor isn't comfortable prescribing ADHD medications?

If your physician has questions or reservations about managing your child's care, we can offer a phone call with Dr. Ainslie Gray, Springboard's Co-Founder, who will be available for one-on-one consultation over the phone with any physician who is interested in learning more about appropriate treatments for ADHD.

She has been offering professional development in this area of medicine for decades, and has a wealth of knowledge to share about ADHD medication options, prescribing stimulant medications, and to help problem-solve medication issues. We believe physician education is extremely important, and we are committed to sharing our ADHD expertise with the broader community. By offering support for your doctor to manage prescribing ADHD medications, they will be able to better support your family and possibly other patients with ADHD too.

Can my child be re-referred to Springboard for another consultation?

If your child is not responding to the medication recommendations or experiences an adverse reaction, and your family doctor feels it is beyond the scope of their knowledge or comfort level to change the medication/dosage, yes— your child can be re-referred to Springboard for a secondary consultation. Our pediatrician will then meet with you and your child to determine how best to move forward and adjust the medication treatment recommendations as needed. These updated recommendations and detailed instructions will then be sent to your family physician in order to support their continued management of your child’s medication needs.


The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) will cover the cost of appointments with a Springboard physician, provided that the patient has valid coverage on the date of their appointment. If a patient does not have OHIP, they will be billed for the time spent meeting with a Springboard physician. The rate for these sessions will reflect the amount that would have been billed to OHIP for the physician’s time.