Educational Consults: Empowering Students and Families

Springboard Clinic’s Educational Consulting is a crucial step in understanding and establishing appropriate supports within your academic setting. The goal of this service is to create and implement an academic support plan in order to help establish an optimally supportive learning environment.

When to Consider Booking a Consult:

This consulting service aims to help you understand your individual strengths and areas of difficulty as it applies to your academic setting. Our goal is to help our clients understand what they need to succeed and to empower them to attain academic supports that are reasonable and necessary. Our Educational Consultant will help advocate for your academic needs, and liaise with relevant community members in your unique environment.

An Educational Consult Can Help:

  • Empower students and families to begin the process of translating information from a recent assessment into effective academic supports
  • Understand available formal and informal accommodations, customized resources, opportunities for enrichment and individual skill building
  • Plan for the IPRC process, and create/update IEP documentation
  • Evaluate and explore which school environment might be best for you
  • Transition planning: comprehensive preparation for moving to a new school or starting college/university
  • Long term planning: from elementary, middle, and high school years to post-secondary goals


Educational Consults are billed at a rate of $218/hr (+ HST). Please note that this service is not considered a "Psychological Service" and may not be eligible for insurance reimbursement.