Finding Your SELF

Finding your SELF is a unique coaching methodology developed by Springboard Clinic to help individuals of all ages in the treatment of ADHD. SELF is a process that involves separating you from your symptoms to help encourage and empower you in all aspects of your life.

Applying this SELF approach allows us to better understand you, your unique needs, and to in turn help you manage your symptoms with the combined aid of Medical, Psychological and Coaching Support.

1. The Hidden You

In order to understand how you are being affected by an ADHD diagnosis, we first have to start by finding your true self: your identity, strengths, and values. This means becoming more aware of your wants and needs and assessing who you are at your core. ADHD does not define you. It’s simply a term to describe a set of symptoms. This step in your treatment journey is about finding hope and starting to believe that there is something greater beneath and beyond your symptoms.

2. Your Brain and ADHD

It’s important for you to understand your brain and how it works. We teach people of all ages about the brain and how neurotransmitters can affect our ability to use our Prefrontal Cortex to execute tasks. We do this for two reasons. One, because without a clear understanding of your brain and how it impacts your behaviour, we will not be getting to the root of your ADHD symptoms. And two, by breaking down your ADHD diagnosis, we can identify what makes your brain different, and come to an understanding around its impact on your identity and decision-making.

3. Your Health and ADHD

We work with you to examine your diagnosis across all domains of your health: physical, social, emotional and academic/ occupational. This ensures that we view ADHD in a holistic manner without neglecting certain areas affected by your symptoms that you hadn’t previously considered. Through a series of interviews across all areas of your wellbeing, we can understand where you are now, we can define where you want to go, and we can empower you to get there. As we define where ADHD is impacting your wellbeing, we are able to make a strategic and customized “blueprint for change”.

4. Your Lead with ADHD

We are here to follow your lead in a strategic collaborative coaching/therapy process. In sessions, we focus on your experiences in your own life, while leveraging our expertise in treating the effects of your diagnosis, to break down the cognitive blockers that are at the root of your ADHD symptoms. Like an onion, your diagnosis has many layers. This process is about peeling those layers back and taking small manageable steps towards your goals. With a greater understanding of your wants and needs, we can develop strategies that enable you to take more control of your ADHD and to follow through on your intentions with appropriate actions.

5. You vs. ADHD

As you learn to close the gap between your intentions and your actions, you will gain confidence and trust in yourself. You will begin to differentiate your sense of self from the ADHD symptoms you experience. By treating your ADHD as a third party, we can neutralize it. We can define it, accept it, understand it, and make it impersonal. From there, we can separate you from your ADHD, and begin to talk openly with those around you about ADHD. We want to encourage and empower you to break down the walls you may have surrounded yourself with as a result of your symptoms and the way they make you feel.

6. You and Your Team

ADHD does not go away. But hope comes from knowing you have the encouragement of a caring team of family, friends, and Springboard supporters that understands you, and that can make all the difference in the success of your treatment journey. Much of the conflict surrounding an ADHD diagnosis often comes from secondary issues, such as feelings of guilt, shame or defensiveness. As you work with your team to speak the same language and to develop joint coping mechanisms, you are able to share your true self, get to the root of the issues, and ultimately take control of your life.

7. You and Your Environment

Now it’s about being in the right place. Making adjustments to your environment – whether at home, school, or work - is a critical part of your long-term success. Little things like altering a morning routine or “choosing your battles” as a family can change everything, for the better. Sometimes it’s about tweaks, while in other cases, it’s about bigger shifts, like changing your career, or moving to a different city. It’s crucial not to feel like your environment is working against the way your brain functions best. It’s not about working harder - it’s about working smarter.