Are Springboard's services covered by insurance? 

Springboard’s psychologists and psychological associates are registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. As such, Springboard’s assessments and coaching/therapy services are billed as ‘Psychological Services’ and are eligible for insurance reimbursement under many benefits plans.

Direct vs. Supervised Sessions

Springboard’s assessments are billed as ‘Psychological Services’, and a registered psychologist or psychological associate meets with clients during the assessment and feedback appointments.

Springboard’s treatment model is such that services are rarely directly provided by a registered psychologist. Instead, the majority of our treatment services are provided by a coach/therapist, with varying backgrounds in mental health, but closely supervised by a registered psychologist or psychological associate. Our coaches/therapists are trained in Springboard’s model of care, each with different areas of expertise and educational backgrounds. It is important to note that some of the coaches/therapists on staff also hold other professional designations and/or are registered with other professional bodies (e.g. the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario).

Springboard makes every effort to be clear about how sessions are being delivered by providing the name and credentials of the clinician who is in direct communication with the client, as well as the name of their supervising psychologist or psychological associate on each receipt issued.

Additionally, our coaching/therapy receipts include the following disclaimer:

Psychological services are provided by a Springboard Clinic clinician and supervised by a registered member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

Questions for Insurance Providers

Every insurance plan is different, so it is important for you to speak with your insurance provider to confirm your eligibility prior to booking your Springboard services. We recommend that you use the attached ‘Questions for Insurance’ handout as a guide when speaking with your insurance provider to ensure you understand your coverage. You may also find it helpful to submit a quote to your benefits provider to determine your exact coverage.

Springboard Clinic will make every effort to provide you with the necessary information and receipts regarding your health benefits reimbursement. Please be advised, however, that there is no guarantee of reimbursement from your benefits provider. If your health insurance provider denies payment, you are personally and fully responsible for payment. If your health insurance company does make payment for services, you are responsible for any co-payment, deductible, or coinsurance that applies.

Submitting Receipts:

Clients must remit payment to Springboard Clinic directly for services rendered. Once payment and services have been received, we will provide you with a detailed insurance receipt for you to submit to your provider for personal reimbursement. Springboard Clinic does not submit insurance receipts to providers on behalf of our clients.

Other important notes to consider about insurance receipts:

  1. An individual’s name can only be included on the receipt if he/she attended the appointment.
  2. The receipt must include the actual date of the appointment, and cannot be changed to reflect any reimbursement deadlines.
  3. Once a receipt has been submitted to your insurance provider, the names listed on the receipt cannot be changed so please verify all information in advance.
  4. Insurance receipts cannot be provided in advance of services being rendered.
  5. Psychological services can only be provided in the province of Ontario.