Family Gatherings with ADHD: Finding your own way

woman flowers holidays girl 6270Big family gatherings when ADHD is involved can often be a lot: a lot of fun, a lot of spontaneity, and a lot of work.

With a number of family holidays coming up, you may benefit from some personal reflection about your own head space and the role you tend to play at these types of events.

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Back to School Systems: ADHD style

pexels photo 934062It can be tempting as you start a new school year to think that the answer to ADHD organizational challenges is an expensive “back to school” shop. You may feel like by buying stuff, you will be able to compensate for your challenges with prioritizing, managing tasks, and staying on track.

Before heading to the store, or coming up with an elaborate new plan for how to stay on track this year, check out our top tips for organization this September. 

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