Bubba Watson: One of many athletes with ADHD

Over the years, many different athletes with ADHD have come forward with their diagnoses – the one you may be most familiar with is Olympic champion (14 times over) Michael Phelps. As it turns out, ADHD is not uncommon among exceptional athletes, and it seems that many golfers in particular have the disorder. In fact, golf is often described as “the perfect ADD sport…it combines structure and novelty.”...

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Friendship coaching: An idea to improve social skills in ADHD children

Friendship coaching involves a series of skills that any parent can learn to support ADHD children who have a hard time on play dates or in social situations. While it may be more common for parents to take on the role of soccer or baseball coach for their kids, research shows that it may be effective for you to also be your child’s ‘in the moment’ coach focusing on improving social skills...

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4 ADHD-Friendly Recommendations for Better Eating Habits

While we do consider ourselves ADHD “experts,” we are by no means nutritionists – we’re in no position to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be eating. That being said, there are nutritional recommendations that many practitioners working with ADHD suggest – based on a large body of research and anecdotal evidence.

Intellectually, most of us know what a healthy, balanced diet looks like. We all grew up with various versions of the food pyramid or food guides, and we all had somebody at some point in our life lecture us about the evils of deep fried food (however delicious it is)...

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Children more likely to be given an ADHD diagnosis when they’re born later in the year

An article published in the Globe and Mail earlier this week (click here) seems to have re-ignited a long-standing debate about the potential over-diagnosis of children with ADHD.

To make a long story short, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published a study on Monday that found children are much more likely to be given an ADHD diagnosis when they're born later in the year...

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4 Tips for Managing ADHD Traps in the Workplace

ADHD traps are those aspects of the workplace that just don’t play to an ADHD individual’s strengths. These ‘traps’ may be busy cubicles, long meetings, long-term projects, or dull, tedious tasks, and they often lead to boredom, procrastination, and distractibility at work.

Although you may never be able to fully avoid these ADHD traps, there are ways to cope with them and make them work for you. So, if you ever find yourself getting bored or distracted at work, keep the strategies below in mind to help keep you focused and engaged:

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