Stuck in a rut? Try something new this long weekend!

Victoria day weekend is coming up. Or, for many of us I suppose May 2-4 weekend is coming up (although this year it doesn’t fall even close to May 24th – anybody else thrown off by that?)

Even if you have plans for the long weekend, we often find that it can be easy to look at it as “just another long weekend.” One extra day...

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Tools to help manage ADHD symptoms: The little black book


The simple act of writing something down can do wonders to help you manage ADHD symptoms such as forgetfulness and disorganization. Forget using your smartphone for everything, a little black book is an amazing tool to help you better remember and keep track of your to-dos. Sure, many of us have moved on to using technology to manage pretty...

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Finding the right job when you have ADHD

There are so many possible jobs, skill-sets, and careers to consider, and when you add ADHD into the mix, it can seem daunting to even think about diving into it. Do you sometimes feel like finding the right job – one that actually suits your strengths – is a Herculean task?

Don’t get discouraged: we work with very successful ADHD people on a daily basis and it seems they’ve all discovered the same secret…

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Why you should consider ADHD Coaching over Executive Coaching

Whether you’re starting a new career or you’re a master of your trade, everyone can benefit from coaching. But, if you have ADHD, many people wonder: Is Executive Coaching right for me, or should I seek out ADHD Coaching?

First of all, working with any type of coach is a healthy outlet for life’s more frustrating moments...

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