Happiness Tips from your Childhood

Post-Labor Day weekend, we’re reminded once again that summer is on its way out. People are going back to school, “summer hours” at work are no more, and the days really are getting shorter.

Some of you out there may be feeling a bit blue about this, so in an effort to boost your happiness threshold we wanted to share an article...

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How to stay focused during meetings: Take a walk!

If you tend to have difficulty staying focused during meetings – as is common when ADHD is in the picture – Nilofer Merchant has an idea for you. In a short and sweet TED Talk, the author, corporate director, and speaker, discusses the merits of turning one-on-one meetings into “walking meetings.”

Walking not only helps stimulate your focus, but has the dual benefit of improving your health, as well as generating new ideas and perspectives...

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Why ADHD coaching is a worthwhile investment

In an article posted on LinkedIn, John Donahoe, a CEO at eBay, writes a persuasive argument about the benefits of both time off and regularly reflecting on how you spend your time. In this article, he argues that the key to enhancing performance involves the process of learning: stepping back, considering what you have learned in the recent past,...

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At what age should I have an ADHD assessment for my child?

Many doctors and psychologists refuse to conduct an ADHD assessment for children before the age of 5 or 6, and they have good reason. ADHD is a developmental disorder, and when a child is still in preschool or kindergarten they still have a lot of developing left to do. Not only that, labeling a child too early may create unnecessary worry for parents, and runs the risk of impacting a child’s self-esteem...

What about the other side of the argument? What about the children under the age of 6 who are already exhibiting concerning or disruptive behaviour?

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