Support for Parents of ADHD Children

image Support for parents of ADHD children is often overlooked and hard to come by.

When a child has an ADHD diagnosis, the focus tends to be on the child. This is perfectly understandable and appropriate. That being said, we can’t ignore the fact that parents are huge supporting players in managing the impact of their child’s signs and symptoms...

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Spring 2014 Newsletter Recap: Seasonal News and Tips for Thriving with ADHD

Springboard Clinic’s Spring 2014 Newsletter focused on reminding us all to take a deep breath and start fresh this season.

During the winter it can be easy to get caught up in the not-so-good, whether that means being extra self-critical, or more easily frustrated with your child. The days are short, it’s dark, it’s cold…it can be hard to shake the negativity that comes with that...

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I think I have ADHD now what?

I think I have ADHD – now what? If you have focusing difficulties, you may have been thinking about this question for some time.

Maybe you’ve been wondering this since getting some pointed comments from a teacher. Or maybe your friends won’t stop joking about your “high energy.” Perhaps you’ve taken an online quiz, or noticed how the lists on Buzzfeed, or the stories on sound eerily familiar.

Whatever your hunch may be, thinking you have ADHD and knowing you have ADHD are two different things...

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5 Strategic ways to use the “World’s Most Annoying Alarm App”

Often called the “world’s most annoying alarm app,” Alarmy – formerly called Sleep if U can – is a phone app designed to really get you out of bed. Essentially, Alarmy is an alarm clock on your phone that shows you a picture of a specific location in your home (you take the initial pictures ahead of time), and it won’t turn off until you get up and take that exact same picture.

Annoying as that may be, it sure gets you out of bed!

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