5 Criteria for ADHD Students when Choosing a College/University

image As a student, choosing a college/university is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As an ADHD student, however, it becomes all the more important to carefully consider what schools may or may not be the right fit for you.

By now, most students looking to start school in September will have received a response from the schools they applied to. The next step is to decide once and for all: What school do you choose?

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I think my partner has ADHD now what?

image If you think your partner has ADHD, it can be daunting thinking about the ‘now what?’. Is it worth mentioning? Will they think I’m attacking or nagging them? Will it make a difference in our relationship – good or bad?

Either way, if you think your partner has ADHD – here are some thoughts and tips to keep in mind:

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What is Depression? Let this video paint a picture for you

What is depression? If you struggle with depression, this can be a tough question to answer. Sometimes it feels like there’s no way to articulate what you’re dealing with. Sometimes it feels like nobody will ever get it, or you’ll be judged if people find out you’re depressed, so you keep it to yourself.

The video below very poignantly addresses this: I had a black dog, his name was depression not only puts into words what depression can feel like, but also articulates the shame and perceived stigma of having a ‘black dog.’

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ADHD Coaching for Teens


ADHD coaching for teens – parents know it can be helpful, but how hard is it to get your teen’s buy-in?

Surprisingly, not as hard as it may seem. Motivation and buy-in will obviously vary depending on the person, but we’ve often found that teens crave the type of support that ADHD coaching provides.

First of all, ADHD coaching offers teens their own space, where they can focus on their own priorities independent from their parents...

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The Power of Empathy

When somebody in your life turns to you for support, the power of empathy cannot be overstated.

This short but sweet video illustrates this point by showing you what empathy is, how it’s different from sympathy, and why our attempts to “make things better” can backfire...

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Testing for ADHD: Is it Depression or ADHD?

image Symptoms of depression commonly co-occur with ADHD and focusing difficulties. Because of this, testing for ADHD should always consider the connection between the two. Is it ADHD or is it depression?

For one, it’s important to know that symptoms of depression can often be secondary to unmanaged signs and symptoms of ADHD. If you’re consistently having trouble meeting your expectations, it makes sense that you may experience pretty significant feelings of discouragement and sadness...

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