Tools to help manage ADHD symptoms: Evernote

image When it comes to programs that help manage ADHD symptoms such as forgetfulness and disorganization, Evernote is a step above the rest. 

In a nutshell, Evernote is marketed as a digital extension of your brain – it stores everything you might need to remember via your computer or phone, and puts all of it into one easily accessible place. For example, with Evernote you can take pictures of things such as business cards, confirmation numbers, or street intersections, and the program will process the information and index it – making it incredibly easy to access later.

No, we’re not being commissioned by Evernote – we just want to get the word out that there are numerous free programs out there that can help you stay organized and keep on top of things. It just so happens that Evernote is one of the ones that we really love.

Let’s face it– we are now living in a world where we can’t live without technology. We rely on computers and cell phones for what seems like everything, and the very thought of the internet going down is enough to send most of us into a tailspin. 

This technological saturation of our lives doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing though – there has been an incredible surge of useful applications and programs designed to help the very aspects of focus and attention that plague the typical ADHD individual. So, why not take advantage of that?

Take a look at the options available to you and try some of them out – what have you got to lose? You know, other than your keys…

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