5 Strategic ways to use the “World’s Most Annoying Alarm App”

Often called the “world’s most annoying alarm app,” Alarmy – formerly called Sleep if U can – is a phone app designed to really get you out of bed. Essentially, Alarmy is an alarm clock on your phone that shows you a picture of a specific location in your home (you take the initial pictures ahead of time), and it won’t turn off until you get up and take that exact same picture.

Annoying as that may be, it sure gets you out of bed!

Individuals with ADHD often have a tough time getting up and out of bed, so in and of itself, this app can be extremely helpful for that purpose.

image Another benchmark of ADHD, however, is that it can often be tough to pull yourself out of what you’re doing and switch to another task. For example, when you’re caught up in Netflix, it can be really tough to pull yourself out of it, get up, and get ready for bed. We call this transitioning, and individuals with ADHD often have a really tough with this.

So, we came up with a few strategic ways you might be able to use Alarmy beyond just getting you up and going in the morning:

  1. To forcibly get your bedtime routine started. Take a picture of your bathroom sink and set a bedtime alarm – you’ll be forced to get up and go to the bathroom, and once you’re there, you might as well start getting ready for bed.
  2. To remember to take breaks if you’re working at home. If you often forget to break for lunch, for example, take a picture of your fridge and set it around lunchtime.
  3. To get back to work if you’re taking a break. Before you get up, take a picture of something near your workspace. When the alarm goes off, it will force you to get up and go back to that area. An important caveat with this: Don’t take a picture of something in your workspace that could be moved around – like your notes. This will be hard for the app the register. Try something more constant, like a side table, or part of your desk.
  4. To remember to take your medication or vitamins in the morning. If you’re always forgetting this, set an alarm that forces you to an area where you always keep your medication.
  5. To help manage blockers during your morning (or evening) routine. If you tend to get lost in checking your emails in the morning or watching TV during breakfast, think of the next step in your routine, and set an alarm with a picture that gets you there.

Alarmy (Sleep if U can) is available as an app for Android and iPhone.


Any other fun ideas for using Alarmy? Let us know!

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