Book Recommendation - “Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD” by Susan Pinsky

At Springboard, our clients often arrive to coaching exasperated from trying to keep up with systems for cleaning and organizing and overwhelmed by “clutter” and chaos at home. On top of this, many of the popular books, conventional wisdom, and well-known strategies tend to be overly complicated and not very “ADHD friendly”.

This is why we were thrilled when we came across Organizing solutions for People with ADHD by Susan Pinsky. Pinsky is a professional organizer and mother to a child with ADHD who has worked with many clients to create ADHD targeted systems in their homes. We feel fortunate that she has translated her wisdom and knowledge into an accessible and easily digestible guide to help empower those with ADHD to take control of their living spaces. What we love about this book is that it allows you to work with your ADHD style brain and leverage your strengths in the process. She helps you find ways to create systems that are realistic and easy to maintain.

A few takeaways we (especially) liked: :

  • Prioritizing efficiency over aesthetics: Pinsky stresses that the most aesthetically pleasing organizational systems can often involve many tedious steps that can act as barriers to upkeep. Instead she encourages readers to find a balance between what will enable quick access with few steps. Keep this in mind – if the organizing system is unmaintainable for the ADHD brain, then the space will still look messy regardless.
  • Keeping items where you use them: Storing items in the immediate area where they are used is a must for Pinsky. Otherwise, in the ADHD household, items tend to be underutilized (think cleaning supplies) or left out (think shampoo bottles).

One example of these two tips in action: Set up an open-faced shelf immediately adjacent and reachable to the shower. This allows things like soap, conditioner and shampoo to be accessed and then immediately stored with ease and prevents the items from sitting in the bathtub surfaces acting as a blocker for cleaning. It’s also recommended that a sponge and cleaning product be kept near the tub for easy cleaning access.

You can find Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD available on Amazon, Indigo and through other major book retailers.




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