Book Recommendation - The ADHD Effect on Marriage

The Springboard Team has learned so much from Melissa Orlov. Her process for naming the effect of ADHD on couples has made an enormous impact around the world and on the work we do at the clinic. What we find so powerful about it is her ability to help us all understand the root of where emotions come from when a family is living with attention issues.

By understanding ADHD deeply (if it is part of your household), both you and your partner can explore your relationship with a new lens. Whether both individuals have ADHD, or one does, ADHD symptoms can get in the way of honest communication, feeling loved and the overall dynamics of relationships.

In particular, Melissa’s books and courses help you name where ADHD is impacting the wellbeing of both individuals in a relationship so that you can start to heal and better connect.

If you haven’t read her stuff or checked out her website, we strongly recommend it.

See below for a description of our fav book by her (oh and we sell it at the clinic too!):

ADHD MARRIAGE COVER 300dpiThe ADHD Effect on Marriage
This book was awarded "Best Psychology Book of 2010" by ForeWord Reviews and we recommend it for anyone in a relationship in which one or both partners has ADHD. Melissa Orlov uses her personal experiences as well as her years of research to identify patterns of behaviour that can hurt relationships and to offer practical strategies to change these behaviours. The tone of this book is both positive and realistic, addressing the unique challenges faced in an ADHD relationship, but also highlighting the positive contributions each partner can make when ADHD is acknowledged, treated, understood, and accepted.




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