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We posted about the app Timeout previously, but we are bringing it up again because we have had so many clients share how helpful it is for “chunking up their day”timeout and adding structure to their schedule. When you have ADHD, it is our experience that some of the simplest apps can be the most effective when properly put into a routine.

It can be easy when you have attention issues to get stuck either “under scheduling” and finding that time just kind of disappears, or “over scheduling” where you spend too much time making a plan of a plan, and losing track of time that way. Finding a simple and customized strategy for time management is worth taking the time to do. Timeout also allows you to put in custom “energy” breaks or check ins, so you can keep stimulating that pre-frontal cortex with healthy neurotransmitters.

Finding a tool that can help you manage time independently can be the difference of whether you are home on time, or are able to get a work out in. With the refreshing influence of spring, and the opportunity to set new routines, consider giving Timeout a try. It might help you more than you think!

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