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It is not that often that you find a book that you keep referring back to time and time again (especially one about parenting!). For several years we have been recommending the book The Whole-Brain Child by Dr. Dan Siegel. He has this amazing way of helping educate about the developmental stages of children so that parents/caregivers can alter their approach as their child evolves. By being a step ahead with the science of the brain, you can be prepared as your child’s behaviour shifts through different stages.

Here is a short description of what this book is all about: 

TheWholeBrainChild cover largeThe Whole-Brain Child
The Whole-Brain Child is an insightful and informative book written for parents of young children (toddlers to 12 year olds). This book is about thriving as a family, not just surviving! The authors use the latest discoveries in neuroscience to explain how the growing brain affects behaviour in children. It helps parents understand challenging behaviours and offers step-by-step approaches to overcoming these every-day parenting struggles. This book's age-appropriate strategies and illustrations are incredibly helpful in explaining the concepts to children. While not specific to ADHD, it is a very useful book and is highly recommended by Springboard Clinic.



If you haven’t checked out this book, we really recommend you do. Dr. Siegel also has many fantastic videos online that have “easy to use” strategies you can apply directly to your day to day life.

Take a look at this quick video where he explains how the brain works using a simple “hand model”. You will find it useful and so will your children!

Hand model of the brain:

If you have a teenager, we really encourage you to check out this video where Dr. Siegel helps “break down” what being an adolescent is all about from a developmental perspective. He helps explain why teenagers act the way they do, allowing you to have a macro-view of this stage of life. Find a time and sit down with your partner to watch the video…it really will be worth your while:

The Teenage Brain:


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