6 Signs ADHD might be Impacting your Relationship


If you’re having problems in your marriage or relationship (and you’re reading this specific blog), you might be wondering if some of the issues you’ve been having are related to ADHD. Whether you’re the one with an ADHD diagnosis, your partner has one, or both of you do, there are definitely telltale signs to look out for that you should be aware of...

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ADHD and Marriage: Strengthening your Relationship

When it comes to ADHD and relationships, when one partner has an ADHD diagnosis and the other does not, there may be issues getting in the way of moving forward in a healthy way. For example, the non-ADHD partner may feel frustrated by the ADHD partner’s difficulties completing chores. They may resort to nagging or blaming in an attempt to push their partner into getting something done. The problem with this, though, is that it often causes defensiveness in the ADHD partner and resentment in the non-ADHD partner. Not a great situation...

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