5 Tips to help you Concentrate during Conversations

concentrating during conversationsIndividuals with ADHD often have difficulty concentrating during conversations, largely due to inconsistencies in their ability to filter out both internal and external distractions. The consequence of this is that it can lead to (unintentionally) tuning people out, or interrupting and jumping-in at inappropriate times, leading to that cringe-worthy moment where you sit back and wonder “why did I just do that?!”...

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Melissa Orlov: 9 Tips for Frustrated Non-ADHD Spouses

imageBeing in a relationship with somebody with an ADHD diagnosis can come with many benefits – your partner may be funny, charming, empathetic…but there are times when it can be tough, particularly if your partner’s symptoms are not adequately managed. As Melissa Orlov, a leading expert on relationships and ADHD, puts it: “some days you just don’t have the energy to cope with your partner’s ADHD symptoms anymore.”

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Dating and ADHD: Disclosing your diagnosis

Dating and ADHDHow do I tell my partner I have ADHD? When do I tell them? Should I even bother telling the person I’m dating?

Dating is already complicated enough, and to confuse things even more, having ADHD can often lead to some serious questions like the ones above.

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ADHD and Relationships: Tackling the To-Do List as Couple

imageWhen ADHD is present in a relationship – whether that means one partner has ADHD or you both do – tackling the daily to-do list can be a challenge.

Many different dynamics can come into play here. For example, a non-ADHD partner might end up feeling like they’re tackling the brunt of the work, and they might start feeling resentful of this. On the other hand, the ADHD partner might not even realize what they’re doing right or wrong, or they might be feeling frustrated themselves that they can never seem to get it right.

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I think my partner has ADHD now what?

image If you think your partner has ADHD, it can be daunting thinking about the ‘now what?’. Is it worth mentioning? Will they think I’m attacking or nagging them? Will it make a difference in our relationship – good or bad?

Either way, if you think your partner has ADHD – here are some thoughts and tips to keep in mind:

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