Random Acts of Love: How a caring gesture can help you combat your mental health symptoms

Copy of Random acts of love REV FacebookWhen you are struggling with mental health symptoms, you are not the only one impacted. Those around you - your people - your tribe - they are in pain too.

You have experience with this if you are the parent of a child with depression, or the partner of someone with ADHD.

You both feel the rollercoaster of it. Even worse, you feel isolated from each other as you experience different types of hurt.

Maybe the words come out wrong, or you just can’t figure out what to say.

Sometimes, offering of an act of kindness can help you transcend the distance and show each other that you care so that you can break down some of those invisible walls.

Take a few minutes and reflect on what matters to those around you and brainstorm little things that you can do to show them you care and that you see them.

It can be simple things. Bringing a coffee to your partner in bed. Tucking your child’s favourite snack in their backpack. Writing a note and leaving it under their pillow. Printing a picture of the two of you doing something joyous and putting it on the fridge. Maybe, it’s even picking up your socks and throwing them in the wash or simply saying thank you and meaning it.

So often, we get paralyzed by our own communication boundaries. When you offer an action from a place of kindness, you start a process of stepping outside of your individual pain and you open a door to a different space.

Are you a partner of someone with ADHD and you are interesting in connecting with others? Our Springboard Group for Partners starts next week. Visit our Events page for more details.






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