Hey Partners! We know living with ADHD is hard: 3 tips that are in your control

Having empathy for ADHD symptoms in your partner can be much “easier said than done”. Certainly, in concept, you can understand that your husband is late because he has lost track of time, but it can still “drive you crazy’ when it happens.

If you know that resentment is building in you, the sooner you can get to the “root” of these issues and put them on the table, the better.

Avoid waiting for him/her to change and start with yourself:

Partners Facebook1. Reach out for help before you have mentally given up.

We so often see couples when they are already considering separation or divorce. If you can work on your challenges before you get to this place, you will have less resentment and anger to wade through. If your partner isn’t open to getting help, consider reaching out for support yourself. You can make changes with your perspective that can make a huge difference in your everyday headspace.

2. Give up on the idea that one of you is right or wrong.

It is very common for couples to go to therapy, each individual expecting the therapist is going to side with them. You may actually picture the reason to go to therapy is so that your partner will realize he/she is the one “at fault”. Instead, realize that couples work is not about who is the good or bad partner, but it is about working to understand yourselves and your communication styles better, so that you can find new energy and hope. Life isn’t “black and white” and neither is your relationship. If you can focus on yourself, both individually and as a partner, you can stop playing the “blame game” and get to the real work.

3. Be willing to let go of “old stuff”.

Hanging on to anger from the past does not hold your partner responsible in some effective way. Instead, it damages your head space and takes you backwards both as an individual and as a couple. Work to be open-minded to seeing a way forward. Forgive. Let go of past pain. It is in this healing that you can find your way. It is not about “letting him/her off the hook”, it’s just about moving forward to a happier place.





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