Family Gatherings with ADHD: Finding your own way

Big family gatherings when ADHD is involved can often be a lot: a lot of fun, a lot of spontaneity, and a lot of work.

With a number of family holidays coming up, you may benefit from some personal reflection about your own head space and the role you tend to play at these types of events.

By thinking ahead, you may be able to avoid getting stuck in patterns from the past or finding yourself resorting to family dynamics from your childhood. By knowing your wants and needs, you can set yourself up to be more present to enjoy this precious time.

Take a few minutes (with your partner or on your own) and reflect on the below questions:

Family gatherings Facebook1.What is the part about family gatherings that you enjoy the most? (Try to be specific, for example: when I help my uncle prepare the meal, when we do a sing song as a group, or when Grandma says the blessing)

2. What parts of these get togethers are frustrating, and you get that feeling of “ugh, not this again!”

3. If there was one thing that would make these times more fun and relaxing, what would it be?

4. I think that if I ____________________________________, I would be able to feel more present and able to enjoy myself.

5. My (and my family’s) top 3 needs are:

1. __________   2. ___________   3. ____________

 Perhaps you need to set up some logistical boundaries, or work to not get upset about things that you know are going to happen. The goal is for you to go in empowered, aware, and sure of what is best for you and your crew.

And remember these two age-old rules: “Quality over quantity” and “You can’t always make everyone happy”.


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