Friendships and ADHD

Taking a step out of the “now” to see who’s around...

If you have ADHD, it likely impacts your friendships (whether you realize it or not). Perhaps you struggle to keep up with the logistics and organizational parts of staying in touch with those close to you. Or, maybe you haven’t had a chance to really think about which friendships feel healthy and rejuvenating for you.

Many people with ADHD describe being “stuck in the now”, which means that that they might not be very conscious or aware of their own wants and needs and this might get in the way of finding a crew that brings out the best in them.

Friendship ADHD FBook SmallStep out of the now. Take a few minutes and ask yourself these important questions:

1. Which friendships in my life feel supportive?
2. Who do I enjoy spending time with?
3. Am I making an adequate effort to keep in touch with those important to me?
4. Who would I like to spend more time with?

Remember, you can’t usually choose your family, but you should be able to choose your friends. Avoid patterns like being friends just because you have been friends for a long time, or because you think you “should”. Instead, care for yourself by surrounding yourself with people that help you be your authentic self, that make you feel like you matter and have something important to contribute. Life is too short. Quality time with those who you care about can make such an essential difference.


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