Spring 2014 Newsletter Recap: Seasonal News and Tips for Thriving with ADHD

Springboard Clinic’s Spring 2014 Newsletter focused on reminding us all to take a deep breath and start fresh this season.

During the winter it can be easy to get caught up in the not-so-good, whether that means being extra self-critical, or more easily frustrated with your child. The days are short, it’s dark, it’s cold…it can be hard to shake the negativity that comes with that.

So, to help out, this issue offered tips, ideas, and sources of support that focus on re-framing our perspectives.

What to expect: 

  • Information about our Parent Group – starting this May!
  • How to register your kids for Springboard summer programs
  • We share our “Golden Moments” from treatment
  • Why the ADHD label is misleading
  • Information about ADHD, Assessments, Treatment, and Coverage for Services

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