Why I do what I do

by ADHD Coach Laura MacNiven 

During COVID-19, we have all had to go through disruption. From the lives we lived before, to the ones we are living now, to the way we look at our futures- it has been a time of forced introspection and change.

As a small business owner, this time has pushed me in ways I hadn't been expecting or could not have anticipated. I have had to dig deep when the uncertain landscape around us all has forced my team and I to think differently. I have had to slow down and become more comfortable in a state of short-term goals and a (for real) mind set of "one thing at a time".

In this space, I have had the opportunity to really remember why we offer the services we offer and reconnect with the intention behind the work we do.

Our goal at Springboard was always and will always be to offer hope and help for individuals with ADHD.

And for me, specifically, there has been one glaring truth that has resounded over and over again especially during this time. I love working in the ADHD field. I love coaching. I love walking alongside course participants and clients as they find their own "Aha moments" in their ADHD journeys. 

It is such an honour to get to do what I do - to get to share in moments of social and emotional discovery on a daily basis.

This month we finished our first cohort of the May We Have Your Attention Please? online course for adults with ADHD. I am filled with such gratitude for the vibe this group cultivated in this space. Hearing their stories, and maybe even more so, their words of encouragement for each other- this community really showed up.

Why I do what I do

I loved learning alongside participants as they tackled questions like:

Why do I do what I do and what does ADHD have to do with it?

What does ADHD really look like for me?

How do I want to move forward with the knowledge I now have?

Who do I want to let in?

Who or what do I need to let go of?

As we roll out our next cohort this month, I take a moment to feel lucky that I have a big "why" behind the work that I do. I also invite anyone who wishes to be part of this supportive community to join us.

Let's work together to inspire each other through tough questions. Let's build neurodiverse communities that are emotionally and socially safe. Let's keep striving to be our best selves.

Laura MacNiven is the Co-founder of Springboard Clinic and facilitator of the May We Have Your Attention Please? online course



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